The 2015 International Conference on Optical Instrument and Technology (OIT’2015) is the fifth event cosponsored by SPIE and China Instrument and Control Society (CIS). OIT is a professional conference that primarily focuses on optical instruments and related technologies. The OIT’2015 expects to promote the continuous development of optoelectronic technology & instrumentation and to inject new energy to the new industrial revolution.
At the end of the twentieth century, internet was born from the technological advances in fiber optical communications and microelectronic computers, which induced a revolutionary bloom in information technology. As of today, information technology already has its roots deeply into manufacturing. Some predicts that a new industrial revolution is coming, the center of which will be the digitization and artificial intelligence in manufacturing. Optoelectronics sensors and instruments are frontline tools for obtaining information as well as key devices in automation, advanced manufacturing, environmental monitoring, and other various fields. Therefore, the innovation in sensors and instruments should be a crucial part of the new industrial revolution. The importance of the advancement of sensors and instruments has been, and will continuously be, demonstrated by its impact on the economy and activities in daily life.
China Instrument and Control Society – CIS, is a national academic society awarded by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). CIS is the authorized scholarly organization in the fields of instrument and meters, measurement and control, automation and related technology, and optics and optical engineering, etc.
OIT’2015 will highlight the key advancements of optoelectronic instrument and technology. The academic topics of the conference will focus on optical systems, optoelectronic instruments, optical sensors, imaging, optoelectronic measurement, optical communications and OPTICAL network/ microwave photonics and thier applications, laser and its applications, micro/nano manufacturing and metrology, THz technologies and its applications etc. OIT’2015 sponsors will provide an academically equal opportunity platform to communicate the newest interesting science or technology for all attendees, researchers and experts from all over the world. You are warmly welcome to participate in this event at Beijing, China. Your contribution to OIT’2015 is greatly appreciated.
All presentations (Oral or Poster) accepted by OIT’2015 conference will be edited and published by SPIE, and the proceedings of OIT’2015 will be indexed by EI, ISI, INSPEC, AIAA or other index systems.

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